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Parallel Lines
We proud of our History

French Production Center.  Start opening doors in 1989 in Bahrain. 

Regardless of company size or industry, FRENCH PRODUCTION CENTER has proven success working with each client to visualize the brand story and create compelling visual content. 


French Production Center provides a full service in Feature Film, TV series, TV Programs, Documentaries Films, Corporate Commercials, Music Videos, Films, and Events Production.


Since 1989 we’ve been lucky to cooperate with some of the industry’s most creative professionals. 


You can find details about our featured clients below.

We Design & Develop Creative
Visual Campaign for You
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Ali Alaradi

Since the inception of French Production Center in 1989, our goal is to bring quality productions in Feature Film, TV series TV Programs Documentaries Films, Corporate Commercials, Music Videos, Films, and Events Production.

We have won the trust of over 300 clients in the last 20 years in various industries. There is nothing more rewarding for us than to be part of prestigious productions happening in Bahrain & Gulf And the Arab world.

Our focus is to be a pioneer in Feature TV production and provide the latest videographer equipment, lighting, sound, and digital editing.

After constant research on our performance, we have learned to satisfy clients’ expectations. Our Methods are very simple We Plan, We Prepare, We Execute, and Deliver the Commitment.

French Production Center is an inspiration and Backbone for a lot of companies and producers.

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Business Strategy

Taking into account production costs on the product while maintaining quality Leadership and responsibility Prior experience in supervision and follow-up Legal contracts Integrated production team Highly experienced executive director Pre-equipment scheduling time and speed in delivery Strength of public relations and alternative solutions The importance of security, safety and workers insurance Technicians and professional assistants Daily reports Attention Appreciation for all workers is the interest of work above all considerations, taking into account the laws and regulations of the state and the success of God

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