French Production Center (FPC) is a full-service production company based in Bahrain. FPC offers a complete range of services for feature films, TV series, TV programs, documentaries, corporate commercials, music videos, and live events. FPC provides a one-stop-shop for all your production needs from development to distribution. With a team of experienced producers and crew, FPC has the know-how to take your project from conception to completion. Whether it's filming on location in Bahrain or abroad, our team can handle all the logistics for a successful shoot.

Service We Provide For You

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Professional Microphone with Pop Filter



Color Grading


To us, there’s no greater feeling than putting the final touches on an idea we’ve been working on for a long time, and then seeing it magically come to life through animation. Growing up, we would love to dream up characters and scenes, then bring them into life as animations. 


2D & 3D 





Fitness Mobile Programs


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Visa &

Rental Equipment 
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Portable Video Production Unit up to 8 cameras Without cables

Switcher Graphics & SD Recorders: HD live switch from 1 to 20 broadcast cameras. your switch will be integrated with live green screen, Hu graphics, titles, video and powerpoint presentations.

Video Router: you can send out up to 40 different video single for supreme media display customization for all monitors locations.

Internet Encoder & Engineering: Flypack Includes secure public and private live webcast. Professional camera shading for live video color gamut correction.

Audio & Mixing: DAF Media's Fivpacks are equipped

with 2 digital mixers.

Video Inputs (Menu Selectable)

8x HD/SD-SDI or 
6x HD/SD-SDI + 2x HDMI or 
4x HD/SD-SDI + 4x CV or 
4x HD/SD-SDI + 2x CV + 2x HDMI or 
2x HD/SD-SDI + 4x CV + 2x HDMI