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Video Clips.

We founded our business with one goal in mind: creating beautiful, unique, and thought-provoking projects in every genre and industry. Thanks to our professional approach, we’ve been lucky to collaborate with some of the biggest names in the industry.Once you start working with us, you’ll understand the French Production Center.

Our skilled team members will leave no stone unturned until your project is completed to your satisfaction. If you’d like to learn more about our production services, get in touch today.

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History of Video Clips.

The French Center started in the work of television drama in 1990 AD, and within three decades the Center was able to gain a lot of experience through active and close participation with the most prominent local, Gulf, and Arab competencies, which contributed to the accumulation of expertise and the development of the staff of the French Center and its collaborators.


We will mention later some of the artists who have had the opportunity to cooperate and work with them over the past years, which we will celebrate with them next year on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the French Center.

Here, we must remember the beginning of the work in the center where resources were very simple, and funding was very limited, where the center has evolved in its capacity to become an integrated building in all respects, containing all the specialized sections of the work, and is equipped with the best equipment of photography, lighting, and sound, As well as ready to provide integrated and sophisticated equipment for the work of two serials at the same time, in addition to advanced units for editing and visual and sound effects,


with the presence of technical staff and the necessary funding possibilities, where we direct supervision to ensure the best possible quality taking into account the budget available for each work of art The French Center has also succeeded in building a large base of direct dealing with the best authors of drama, cinema, musical composers, distinguished directors, technicians, and youth cadres that we train for the future.

Over the past years, the Center has accomplished a lot of television works with leading creative directors. The Center’s work has been shown on many Gulf TV stations, We will review a number of them later.

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